When Mountains full of silence is mixed with sound of machines and then the shutter clicks, that's when I am at peace



A Brief History

It is sometimes very easy to say that there is little or no hope for sports in India. It is an argument that is used by many as people go on talking about problems that exist in sports in our country. But talking about problems doesn’t solve much. Talking about solutions always helps.

One of the problems that sports in India face is the lack of consistent, competent and quality coverage. There is little focus on stories that can inspire people to do bigger things in sport and have people they can look upto. There is limited coverage on people who deserve more of it than they get. But in every sportsman, there is something that human beings should derive inspiration from. 

ManMadeMachines looks to bring these sports stories out- stories that will inspire the upcoming generations to take up sports and make this country proud. These stories will give them heroes to look upto and values that the young sports star would love to have to succeed. They would know the struggles and the hard-times that stars go through before they march towards greatness.